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Piccosoft Welcomes Ex-Woman Employees from IT MNCs - with a Career Break!!!

Required skills: • Project Management • Delivery Role • Programming/Development • Product Development

Women take career breaks for many reasons like family commitments and motherhood. Willingly or unwillingly, they are forced to take such breaks. 

But once they decide on a career break for whatever reason, we know that it is only because, at that point, there’s something that is a priority for them, other than their job and career. 

So, this career break will cause them to lose a job for them, but definitely, their dreams and ambitions will remain intact.  Self-development, financial independence, self-identity – the urge for all these still remain within them, although they are on a career break. 

Are you able to relate to this?

We at Piccosoft value talent. We do worry about the source from which the talent is coming. 

We do not want people, who just work for money and career development. We want people with good hearts, who can put their souls into the growth of our company. 

We do not want employees. We want people, who can become an integral part of Picco family. 

We want people and we do not want employees. 

You do have talent and skills. Apart from that if you can put your heart and soul into the work you do at Piccosoft, we value you. 

Piccosoft welcomes you if:

  • You are a talented woman with a career break
  • You have 6 to 7 years of total work experience.
  • You have worked in any MNC before your career break in the role of Program Manager, Product Manager, Project Manager, Project Lead, Project Co-Ordinator, Delivery Manager, Client Relationship Manager, Client Co-Ordinator, Delivery Manager, Account Manager, Tech Lead, Business Analyst, Product SME.
  • You want to work from home
  • You want to work at your convenient timings. 


If all these sound interesting to you, then send your resume and put your first step forward in getting back to your career.


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Our 'People Matter' Culture is the key to our Success

Our People - Employees at Piccosoft together build a strong culture and this is what sets us apart. We believe, our employees do not just work for us, but they also bring great value to our organization. Also, we believe in having an open diverse environment with employees of all states and languages in India. We thrive on team work, equal opportunities and agile working.

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Piccosoft welcomes Ex-Woman Employees from IT MNCs - with a Career break !!!