A boy from a rural village – Melsolankuppam near Javvad Hills - Tiruvannamalai district joins as Software Development Engineer (SDE 1) at Piccosoft

Smitha Adarsh

VP - Piccosoft Software Labs India (P) Ltd

Posted On - 15 Jun 2022

'’This boy realizes the value of education after his 12th and that becomes the turning point in his life. From there, he constantly struggles, irrespective of financial difficulties that his parents had and completes his BCA and MCA degrees and lands a job in Piccosoft. Let us now read the story of Loganathan and learn about his inspiring journey that destined do Piccosoft.’’

Loganathan is from a rural remote town called Melsolankuppam near Thiruvannamalai. In his town, he was able to get education only until 10th grade. Post that, he had to travel to a place where, the facility of further education was available for him and that was around 5 kilometers from his home. He travelled this long daily to pursue his education further

Loganathan with is Mother.

Loganathan’s father and mother, both are farmers and they were not financially stable to actively support their Children’s education. Loganathan’s brother, being a bright student, completed his MCA degree and landed an IT job. He then took over the responsibility of Loganathan’s education.

’'As I was not serious about my studies, I happened to end up with many arrears in my 11th and 12th. Even after I cleared all the arrears, securing a BCA seat became very difficult for me. At this point, I realized how important it is to study well. Finally, after I got a BCA seat, I became serious and completed my BCA and MCA.’’

After MCA, Loganathan finds about the openings for Freshers in Piccosoft for Trainee Software Engineers roles and applies. He clears three rounds of interview – aptitude, F2F technical round and HR round and joins as a Trainee in Piccosoft. Exactly one month after his joining, Government announces lock down and we had to close our office and all the employees, who were not native to Chennai, got back to their own places and Loganathan was one of them too.

Loganathan's Native Town - Melsolankuppam, Thirvannamalai District.

When this incident happened, parents of Loganathan, who had no confidence on him, suspected him that he is lying and he did not have any job in Chennai at all.

Then, one fine day, a great thing happens and after Piccosoft opens a branch in Thiruvannamalai, HR Manager of Piccosoft – Dheepa K.S. calls Loganathan and asks him, if he will be willing to work from TVM branch of Piccosoft. Loganathan excitedly says yes and asks when he can join the work. Then, he starts his work from TVM branch on the very next day of the opening of the branch.

Even at this point his parents are not able to trust Loganathan. Then, Loganathan completes his POMP training that was stopped in between due to lock down. He receives his offer letter from Piccosoft. When he shows this to his parents, they now start trusting Loganathan. His parents and his elder brother become happy that Loganathan gets a job in an IT company, in a city that is close to their village.

Loganathan working on his laptop from Piccosoft's TVM Office.

Loganathan expresses his happiness with HR Manager – Dheepa K.S. – ‘’Ma’am, on the day I took my first salary, I handed it to my mother and sought my parents’ blessings. They are happy that I have a job now in an IT Company. They also said - ''Namma OruIa Software Company ya...'' I thank Piccosoft and you for giving me this opportunity to establish a career as a Software Development Engineer (SDE 1).’’

All the employees and Management of Piccosoft congratulates Loganathan on his strive towards his success.