A Software Development Engineer (SDE 1) at Piccosoft TVM proves his unique ability and how he stands out from others

Smitha Adarsh

VP - Piccosoft Software Labs India (P) Ltd

Posted On - 16 May 2023

''I have an honest opinion about the general interview process for Freshers in companies and I want to share. Each person is different and they will possess their own talent. But companies have a generalized way of testing Freshers. They conduct aptitude with math and reasoning questions. Although I have always been weak in math, I’m very strong in coding. I got rejected by many companies as they tested me in math and reasoning and I got rejected miserably. What I liked the most about Piccosoft is you people did conduct aptitude with math and reasoning in which I scored low. However, you tested me on coding and understood that I will be able to perform well in your company. I suggest every company change their way of testing and try to find a unique quality in every individual.'' says Jefri - SDE-1 at Piccosoft to HR Manager Deepa K.S.

Let us hear the story of Antli Jefri, Software Development Engineer (SDE 1) at Piccosoft.

Until his 12th his life was easy as they were a happy family – with Jefri’s parents and his younger brother. Later, Jefri's parents got separated and his mother was left as a single parent along with two children. His entire schooling was in Tiruvannamalai. In 10th his score was 84%, but in 12th the score dropped to 64%. He joined Hindustan Arts and Science College.

Antli Jefri with his mother and younger brother. 

Jefri says he went to college for about 6 months, after which the lockdown was announced. And, on and off due to multiple pandemic waves, his entire college studies happened online from home.

''But covid became a blessing in disguise. If I had to commute to college daily, that would have been an additional expense and a burden on my mom,'' says Jefri.

Also, during those six months, in order to not trouble his mom with his expenses, he worked part-time as a delivery boy with Swiggy and Zomato.

As I studied in arts and science college and my class timing used to be from 9 am to 2 pm, I was able to work part-time for not to pass on any expense and burden on my mom. - says Jefri.

Even during those six months of college, Jefri being a very talented boy had achieved name and fame in his college. As he was very strong in coding, for most of the project-related activities and competitions, etc, the college recognized his talent and gave him several opportunities to be part of those activities. Jefri earned a good name in his college among teachers and his fellow mates for his talent and coding skill.

''All the projects that I did during my college, in the field of Computer Science are my own idea,'' says Jefri.

Also, Jefri says he loves to explore and learn new things and then share knowledge with his friends and colleagues. This is one quality that we all at Piccosoft appreciate - says Deepa K.S. HR Manager at Piccosoft.

Then, after the completion of his degree, when Jefri was trying for a job, he got rejected by several companies. Jefri says the reason behind this. He says, although he is strong in coding, the companies follow a generalized process for selecting Freshers, which is an aptitude test with math and reasoning questions. Jefri says math and reasoning aptitude are not his cups of tea. He also says, for a SDE-1 position, one needs to be tested on coding knowledge

Then, he attended an interview at Piccosoft TVM branch. Piccosoft also follows the same generalized procedure of aptitude tests. At the same time, we also test the candidates for coding knowledge. – says Dheepa K.S., HR Manager.

''I was surprised, Piccosoft valued my coding knowledge more than my low performance in their aptitude test. I was very happy,'' says Jefri.

Jefri working on his project at the Piccosoft TVM branch. 

Then, along with Piccosoft, Jefri got another job offer in Chennai. However, he chose not to go to Chennai. Instead, he decided to take up the job at Piccosoft and stay with his mom in Tiruvannamalai. And, he also felt Piccosoft will be a better option for his future.

I have always made my decisions on my own. After my father left us, my uncle took care of me and my brother most of the time. He tried to help us as much as possible, wherever he could. However, when it came to important decisions, I made them and I never asked anybody, including my uncle although I respected him for all his help. - says Jefri.

Then, he joins Piccosoft as a POMP trainee successfully completes the training, and then becomes Software Development Engineer (SDE 1). Jefri always loves appreciation and recognition for what he does. Again, once he gets recognized for something, he gets bored with the same thing and tries to explore and try out something new. That is his nature.

''Once Suresh Sir selected me among all to design database. He was indeed a happy moment for me. When I did that work well, Sir appreciated me and that was a proud moment for me. But again, now I think, Suresh Sir should give me more challenging work and I should prove myself for something more and tougher. And, I'm sure Piccosoft will give me a lot of opportunities to grow and I can also prove my potential to the maximum possible.''- says Jefri.

He won the best performer award in traditional games during the Pongal celebration. 

Jefri also possesses a great interest in the field of music and he is also explorative in that field as well and not just in the field of IT. Jefri likes to try new tunes on his keyboard.

When Jefri feels pressure at work, he well balances it by playing the keyboard. He plays tunes, gets refreshed, and comes back to work.

Jefri says to Deepa K.S, HR Manager – ‘’Ma’am, my mother has hardly stepped out of Tiruvannamalai. I want to take her to different places in India. And, this is another important dream in my life.’’

Jefri is a highly talented and capable person and we all at Piccosoft wish him a long-term fruitful journey with us at Piccosoft.