From Chemical Engineering Crossing to the Wonderful Road of IT Career: Gowri Shankar's Journey of Success Through Perseverance.

Smitha Adarsh

VP - Piccosoft Software Labs India (P) Ltd

Posted On - 12 Oct 2023

Let us hear about this remarkable journey, where Gowri Shankar defied the odds, navigated through unexpected twists, and ultimately discovered the path to a successful career in IT. His story is a testament to the enduring power of determination and the belief that, no matter where you start, your journey can lead you to extraordinary destinations

Gowri Shankar hailed from a small village near Erode, where life revolved around farming. His parents were hardworking farmers, and he has a younger brother pursuing a degree in computer science. Despite limited means, Parents had always been determined to support GowriShankar's dream of becoming an engineer. Education loans to support Gowri Shankar’s education were advised by well-wishers in their village, but his parents believed in their son's potential and decided to fund his education themselves.

‘’All my Parents’ well-wishers and Friends in my village advised my parents to take an educational loan, believing that I would bear the responsibility of finding a job to repay it. However, my parents did not agree and chose to place their faith in me, wholeheartedly supporting my engineering education with their hard-earned money. I can't express my gratitude enough for their unwavering trust and encouragement," said Gowri Shankar.

Gowri Shankar - With his Parents 

Gowri Shankar successfully secured an engineering seat in the Chemical branch. He decides to embrace this opportunity thinking that his knowledge could be applied to improve farming techniques, making him a valuable resource for his parents and the community.

After completing his studies, Gowri Shankar secured a job at a chemical company in Vishakhapatnam. However, as time passed, the prolonged exposure to chemicals began to take a toll on his health. Realizing the negative impact it had on him, he made the difficult decision to return home and take up a position in textile dyeing.

Unfortunately, even in this new domain, his health issues persisted, casting a shadow of doubt and depression over his future. He began to feel that his hard-earned education wasn't benefiting him as he had hoped. In those moments of doubt, he clung to the memory of his parents' unwavering support and their steadfast belief in his potential.

Determined to explore a new career path and aware of the promising prospects in the field of IT, he set himself up for the challenge, fuelled by the hope of a brighter future.

"But when I told my fellow engineering classmates and friends from my village about my wish to switch to an IT career, they all laughed at me. They said that even they, with IT and CS backgrounds, were finding it hard to get IT jobs. They thought I didn't stand a chance with my chemical engineering background and advised me to forget the idea." said Gowri Shankar while narrating his story.

Fully aware that the odds were stacked against him due to his background in chemical engineering, he made a significant decision to relocate to Chennai and enroll in a programming language training institute. Even in this new environment and at the training institute, he continued to endure mockery from his peers, most of whom hailed from IT backgrounds, all of them doubting his chances in the industry.

People taunted him, saying HR departments would discard his resume at the sight of his chemical engineering degree. Yet, he pressed on, taking solace in his parents' words - "Struggles are temporary, and good things take time."

Whenever he felt the weight of depression, these words served as a guiding light. During his lowest moments, he would make the journey back to his hometown, seeking solace in the familiar embrace of farming. His parents provided unwavering encouragement, urging him to stay strong and persevere.

Despite experiencing rejection from numerous companies, he remained resolute and determined. He understood that success often followed a path filled with struggles and required unwavering patience. Finally, an opportunity emerged at Piccosoft, marking the beginning of his journey to success in the field of IT.

Gowri Shankar - At his farm land. 

Today, GowriShankar is living his dream, working in one of the latest technologies. Although he excels in his IT career at Piccosoft, he remains grounded in his origins. He frequently travels to his village to dedicate time to his parents and assist with their farming.

"Also, I've always had a deep affection for domestic animals. I aspire to make a difference for them in my village, ensuring they receive the love, attention, and nourishment they rightfully deserve." GowriShankar shared with Piccosoft's HR Manager, Dheepa K.S.

GowriShankar's journey teaches us that perseverance, unwavering family support, and a determination to follow one's dreams can overcome even the most challenging obstacles.

"I am profoundly grateful to Piccosoft, for providing me with the opportunity to put my foot in the world of IT. Together, we have brought an end to a misconception and proved that individuals from diverse backgrounds can excel in IT, provided they have the dedication to thrive in the field.’’ – Says Gowri Shankar.

Gowri Shankar - Working from our rural branch TVM office

The entire team and the management staff at Piccosoft wholeheartedly admire Gowri Shankar's unwavering determination and wish him the very best in all his future endeavors and a long-term fruitful journey and Piccosoft.