How a Girl from Civil Engineering Background lands a Perfect Career in the Information Technology Stream

Smitha Adarsh

VP - Piccosoft Software Labs India (P) Ltd

Posted On - 30 Nov 0001

"Right from my childhood days, I was always told that my aim should be to land a Government Job after my studies. I completed my studies in Civil Engineering and was trying to find a Government Job in the same field. I was under a myth that Government Job is what settles one’s life. I wasted by 2 years after my Engineering studies in hunt for a Government Job. I’m happy that I finally found and landed my dream IT career at Piccosoft" – says Suganya – QA Tester in Tiruvannamalai Branch.

Suganya’s Father is a Document Writer, who works outside Government office, helping people in required documentation for any Government related work. Suganya’s Mom works as a branch in-charge in an insurance company. They are basically a lower middle class family people. Suganya and her younger sister grew up in their Grand Parents place, as Suganya’s parents had to work full-time to sustain their lives and children’s lives with regular and steady income.

Suganya - With her Parents.

After Suganya’s engineering studies in civil discipline, just like how she was told in her family, she started trying for a Government Job. However, this was not something that she wanted. She always fancied working in an IT Company, when she saw her peers and friends doing so. However, with the compel of her family members, she continued looking out for a government job. Also, she was not sure if she can land an IT career with her background in civil engineering.

Finally, after two years, when she couldn’t find anything positive happening in her life, she started thinking, is IT career something that is exclusively for people, who complete their studies in the IT discipline of study only? No, that is definitely not the case. She realized that anybody with a good aptitude can get into IT career. She decided on giving her hand in getting a job in an IT Company. She says, for her luck, at right time, Piccosoft started a branch in Tiruvannamalai.

After 3 rounds of interview – General Aptitude test, Face-to-Face Technical Round of Interview and HR Round, she got selected at Piccosoft and was placed into the POMP training in the Software Testing and QA.

‘’Piccosoft is the first ever IT Company in my own home town. I wanted to get a job here at any cost because, I did not want to leave my home town. My mother has been having some health issues for last 2 years now. So, I wanted to stay close with her, take care of her and at the same time also have an IT Job. This is fulfilled through opportunity that I got in Piccosoft.’’ – says Suganya

She also said, when she got her first salary, as a gratitude to her Grand Parents, who raised her and supported her until she completed her education, she went to their place, placed the envelope of the salary in front of her Grand Father’s photo and sought his blessings. She also says, she wants her father and mother to quit their job. She wants to support them and her sister.

Suganya - Working form home during lockdown.

‘’I have high gratitude for my Grand Parents, who took care of me and my sister through our child hood days and until we completed our studies. I always had a desire that when I get my first salary, I have to hand it over to my Grand Father and seek his blessings. Unfortunately, I lost him 2 years ago, when I still did not have a job.’’. – says Suganya.

She says this to the HR Manager at Piccosoft – Dheepa K.S, during a casual conversation – ‘’Ma’am, I only wish I did not have wasted my precious 2 years in Government job hunt. I was under a myth that Government job is what settles one’s life. If I had known these 2 years earlier soon after my engineering studies, I could have earned more experience and I would have been in a better and higher position in the organization ‘. But it is totally fine. I finally got into my dream career with a good and bright future in IT field. I have high regards to Piccosoft and Suresh Sir for giving this opportunity to me. I want to serve Piccosoft for as many years as possible for me, with complete dedication.’’

The entire team at Piccosoft – including employees and the Management team congratulates Suganya on her landing her dream career in IT field.