Dream Chaser – Nithin’s IT Journey towards his success as Mobile App Developer at Piccosoft

Smitha Adarsh

VP - Piccosoft Software Labs India (P) Ltd

Posted On - 6 Feb 2024

"I express my gratitude to Piccosoft for believing in my potential to excel in coding and mobile app development. This valuable opportunity means the world to me, and I am committed to leaving no stone unturned in reaching great heights." Says Nithin –Mobile App Developer at Piccosoft.

In the serene town of Thiruchendur in Tamil Nadu, Nithin unfolded a story that danced between familial expectations and personal dreams. Born into a family where his father curated frames at a photo shop, and his mother dedicated herself to teaching, Nithin's journey carved a different path altogether, although his mother wanted him to follow the path of teaching, just like she did.

Growing up in an environment where each memory found its place within a meticulously crafted frame, Nithin's passion for computer science blossomed during his school days in grades 11th and 12th. Despite his parents envisioning a different trajectory for him, he found himself captivated by the world of coding.

Proud Parents with Nithin 

He was forced to choose mechanical engineering in 2015 by his parents and relatives. However, Nithin acquiesced to the expectations set by his parents, although his heart remained tethered to computer science. Determined to bridge the gap, he enrolled in a certification course for mobile app development, where he learned Native Android App Development. Honing not only his technical skills, being an extrovert and outspoken person, he also developed his ability to communicate effectively.

Coming primarily from a Mechanical Engineering background, Nithin faced barriers that prevented him from participating in campus recruitment drives for IT companies. Another obstacle hindering his participation in these drives was the presence of arrears in his engineering coursework. While one company did extend an opportunity for him to participate in the interview process, unfortunately, he faced rejection. Piccosoft became the second IT company where he attended an interview. He refrained from exploring other opportunities due to not meeting the basic entry requirements for an IT career. Nevertheless, Piccosoft recognized his potential, offering a doorway to his dreams.

Nithin receiving Deepavali Sweets from the Delivery Manager 

Dheepa K.S., HR Manager at Piccosoft, observed the unwavering determination in Nithin's eyes and questioned what he would have done if coding hadn't paved his career path. With a confident demeanor, Nithin responded, "Ma'am, I was determined about the IT field, and if I had not made a career in coding, I would have ventured into White Hat Cyber Security." This resolute choice stands as a powerful validation of Nithin's relentless pursuit of his dream in the IT sector, showcasing his refusal to surrender regardless of the challenges that came his way.

When questioned about his long-term aspirations, it became evident that Nithin nurtured a profound ambition – to craft his own game app. His short-term goals, fuelled by a fiery passion, involve immersing himself in various courses and acquiring the comprehensive knowledge necessary to bring his dream game app to life.

Beyond coding lines, Nithin has a penchant for storytelling, weaving tales inspired by his own aspirations. His love for adventurous anime movies serves as a gateway to worlds where impossibilities transformed into realities.

Nithin working from Piccosoft, Chennai Office 

With success at Piccosoft, Nithin fulfilled a heartfelt promise, gifting his mother a new phone as a tangible symbol of his achievements. "It's not just a phone; It’s not just a gift that I bought to my mother; it's a proud affirmation of the dreams I dared to chase," he shares with a beaming pride.

Nithin's journey is a testament to determination and passion, a reminder that dreams are not confined by setbacks.