A Fun team outing to Javvad Hills with tent stay and Self-cooking

Team outings are fun and they also help to know the team members better. We organized a trip to Javvad Hills along with my team from Piccosoft's rural branch in Thiruvannamalai. It was a two-day adventurous outing.

All the Team Members insisted our CEO join for the team photo and here it is.

The entire experience was totally different from the routine trips, where we ate at restaurants and stay in luxurious hotels. This time, we all stayed in tents, and in each tent, we accommodated 4 people. We also had a campfire and played a lot of fun-filled games.

During the campfire, we played various games and we also had each one of them talk for a while about their experience working at Piccosoft and what they think about each of their team members. Also, our CEO delivered a motivational speech.

The Team poses in a group before they depart to get back home and then work.       

The entire team had an adventurous trek by walking in the forest and swimming in the river. We stayed in the tent and each tent accommodated 4 people. We did self-cooking and we also had a campfire, where each one of us told about our experience in Piccosoft's work environment.